Change of Web Site

Dear parents,

  I’ve changed where I’m going to put announcements and homework assignments–from now on, please go to

(a lot easier to remember)

click on parents on the top of the page.

You can type in Columbiaville Elementary to find our school and then click on my name to get the latest information!!!  Your child has his/her own password–but this site is designed for children.  Please email me at for any questions.  I will be sending home a letter about this new site after the break.

Thursday, March 22

Math-worksheet on ordering fractions/decimals P10-6

Science–color notes/took notes


Writing–Work on events–Due Friday

Spelling–Parent Letter 17/Skills 17

SS–Chapter 9 Review–test on MOnday

Monday, March 19

Progress notes went home today–as they do EVERY Monday!! Please help your child complete any missing assignments, sign and return. 

Math–Mixed numbers and Improper fractions P10-5


Reading–TRA/Book clubs/letters

Writing–Work on event story due Friday/share on blog project page for event

Spelling–Visual Activity 17; Homework Activities 17 due Friday

SS–Finish Middle and Southern Colony Packets/Missing Assignments

Friday, March 16

No school yesterday, due to power outage.  Hope you had a great day!!

Math–pg. 230-231 Mixed numbers and improper fractions together


Reading–Read IN in gym

Writing–Event Story–due Friday March 23


SS–Video of Southern Colonies and packet

Wednesday, March 14

Happy Pi day!! 3.14

Math–Pg. 229 Together and Worksheet P10-4 Problem Solving

Extra Credit–see flyer for PI


Reading–Letters/Book Clubs/Library

Writing–Research your event–take notes

Spelling–Cloze Test 16

SS-Middle Colonies Packet

Tuesday, March 13

Math–Changing decimals to fractions P10-3


Reading–Teacher REad Aloud/Library/Book Clubs

Writing–Pick an event to write about from someone else’s point of view using your senses to describe. Due Friday March 23


SS-Computer Lab–Reading project and events project

Assignments for Monday, March 12

Progress notes were sent home today–as they are every Monday this marking period.  Please help your child catch up any missing assignments, sign and return.  Thank you. 

Math–pg. 227 12-21 27-36  42-45  Changing fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions

Science–Puzzle/looked @ test

Reading–TRA/Letters/Book Clubs/Library

Writing–Nonfiction–the Power of One–Mini Lesson–Choose topic–research using encyclopedias

Spelling–Class Meeting

SS–Middle Colony Video and Packet–New England Packet DUE!!!

Assignments for Friday, March 9

Math–reviewed P10-2 Compare and Order Fractions

Science–Atom games

Reading–March is Reading Month activities

                  Book clubs/Library

Writing–Last day of Free Write–must turn something in today

Spelling–Parent Letter 16 and Review 16 Due Tuesday March 13

SS–Pg. 210-213 Questions 1-3 and copy Main ideas

         Reading Buddies